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Making Money

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 Making Money Online

YOU too, could be making money with a Complete $10 Build-It-Yourself Website & Wordpress® Blog System that Pays YOU Income for Life®!  Anyone can build one of these sites, including you!

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The secret to making money online is traffic! The more traffic your site can get... the more sales you can make!


Making Money from Home

Making Money from Home


Making Money from Home
with GDI

Most people don't realize, that professional replicated sites like the video sales sites GDI members get for free, can not get high ranking on the Internet. This is because replicated pages all look alike and they all have the same basic address. If someone were to type in a keyword related to your replicated site, and the search engines allowed them to show up at the top of the search engines, they would all show up at once. How often do you think that person would come back to use that search engine if all the results looked alike? This is why you really need your own website or blog address to get high ranking on the Internet and this is what GDI offers you.


Making Money on the Internet TrainingMaking Money on the Internet TrainingMaking Money on the Internet TrainingMaking Money on the Internet TrainingMaking Money on the Internet Training

Money Making Ideas

Ways to Make Money with a GDI Website and Blogs



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Making Money on the Internet

Making money on the Internet becomes much easier when you have the right training.  When you join GDI here today, we show you how to get hundreds of prospects a week to your GDI website or blog for little or no cost.

We build and promote our GDI sites around keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases are a word or phrase that people search for on the Internet.  We use a Google Keyword Tool to find out what keyword/phrases people are searching for on the Internet.  We look for words that are relevant to what we are marketing online.  We look for find exact matches that have medium or low competition.  Then we buy domain names that are available in any of the major extensions, .com, .net, .ws, .info, etc, where the entire domain name is a popular keyword phrase.  Having a domain name that is made up of a keyword phrase people are already searching for means our site needs less promotion and can get to the top of search engine results faster when someone searches for the keyword phrase our domain is built around.

We teach you how to get traffic when you join GDI here.  Go ahead.  What do you have to lose?  Start making money!

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